Who We Are

The Company


Lebolo Construction Management, Inc is a mid-size construction management and general contracting firm, with a service-minded approach. LEBOLO manages all client construction projects regardless of size or complexity. From inception to completion, our clients are able to maintain focus on their core business.

Located in Boynton, Florida, the firm was founded in 2000 by owner Randy LEBOLO. The company has managed and built hundreds of construction projects in Florida and Latin America including Puerto Rico, Panama and Colombia. Completed work encompasses both new construction and reconstruction work for numerous federal, commercial, educational, entertainment and medical clients.

Our Core Values

LEBOLO sticks to a “whatever it takes to understand and meet client needs” approach. Our core values of Safety, Integrity and Accountability are put into practice every minute of every day, on every project.

– Safety

Our success in keeping people safe can be attributed to extensive training, disciplined processes and follow-through. A safe construction environment reduces injuries and losses in production, saves money, and gives clients peace of mind knowing that their project is in good hands.

– Integrity

We are looking for clients, not projects. Being honest and fair is the best way we know to build trust. Our client relationships are based on mutual respect, good communication and earnest feedback. We maintain ninety percent of our clients by serving their ongoing construction needs.

– Accountability

No excuses. We take responsibility for the processes and services rendered. Clients appreciate our “Open Book” approach and straightforward assessment of costs and timelines. Our time and effort is well managed and documented. We become an extension of the in-house construction team, consistently delivering projects on time and on budget.


We work best with clients who have ongoing construction needs. We perform pre-construction services, general contracting, construction management, and design/build of properties. In collaboration with our clients, we develop a comprehensive construction plan covering all aspects of costs, time, quality, safety, risk management and value analysis.